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Left to right: Timothy (Tim) Jones, Mrs Hilary Jones, Ellen Jones, Dr Arthur Jones, Elizabeth Jones (Lizzie).
Photo taken at Ellen's wedding, July 30th 2001 Current Newsletter

FAMILY NEWSLETTER, July 2002. Download a WORD copy of the Newsletter

We wrote newsletters in January and December 2001, but pressure of events meant that we never did complete the mailings, so we repeat some of the content here.

We moved to Mottram (east of Manchester) in January 2001 so that we could both teach at Trinity School in Stalybridge. This is one of the Christian Schools’ Trust schools, for whom Arthur has been doing consultancy work, over the last 10 years.

Initially we stayed with the headteacher (and world-famous creationist) Sylvia Baker, expecting to be able to move into our new house by Easter. House sale and purchase fell through, so the stay with Sylvia eventually extended to nearly seven months. Sylvia is a real saint and now a beloved friend. We finally completed our house purchase on July 6th, but were not able to move in until July 26th, just four days before Ellen’s wedding in Cambridge!

Hilary is now head of the lower school at Trinity (Nursery to Year 8). Arthur originally taught fulltime as head of science, but from September 2001 he has taught just the GCSE classes and has been in school for only three days each week. The other two days have included curriculum development for the Christian Schools’ Trust, tutoring his distance-learning course (Faith, Politics and Policy: Education and Public Policy) for Sarum College, Salisbury, tutoring GCSE science students for the UK’s Christian internet secondary learning community (, being part of the planning team for a Christian Gap Year college in Leeds (due to launch in September 2003), and a variety of writing projects for different organisations and publications. He has now resigned from Trinity and from August he will be working fulltime on the other projects. A new project involving both Arthur and Hilary is a series of guided reading weeks under the name Reclaiming. All of these projects are described on the Education Impact page

The long drawn-out move took its toll and our new house (an 1850s stone cottage attached to the artist L S Lowry's house) has required a lot of work during the ‘holidays’. We have been blessed and encouraged, but are very weary.

We attend the Manchester Vineyard which has a local Kinship Group which meets at Sylvia’s. We are doing the leadership training course and will lead our own group in due course.

Hilary and Lizzie would like to visit Asia in 2003 if the Lord wills. Please pray.


Ellen was married on the 30th July 2001 to Nic Harmer, whom she met through her church in Cambridge. Nic is a PhD student (Biochemistry) The wedding was wonderful and we have a lovely video record. They are both committed Christians. During the past year they have had a small post-grad flat in Cambridge opposite the Vet school. Ellen has now completed the sixth and last year of her studies and graduated as a fully qualified vet on 29th June 2002 (MRCVS!). She joins a vet practice in Baldock (about 10 miles SW of Cambridge) in mid-August. They will move to Baldock soon, having found a suitable house to rent.


Tim has completed his HND course in Countryside and Leisure Management at Bicton Agricultural College near Exmouth in Devon. He was married to Pip (Harrington) on March 23rd this year in Exmouth. They, too, are committed Christians. We are very blessed. Their immediate plans are uncertain, but they hope eventually to have their own Christian leisure services business in Exmouth.

Lizzie. Lizzie left Trinity in June after taking her GCSE exams. In September she starts at Ashton-under-Lyne Sixth Form College studying Advanced Health and Social Care and AS Psychology. Eventually she wants to be a psychiatric nurse.


Arthur, Hilary, Ellen, Tim & Lizzie Jones

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