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Science in Faith

We live in an age in which it is claimed that the best societies will be democratic and liberal, i.e., they will make the freedom of the individual their primary cultural and political end. Inherent in this claim is the presumption that the public realm - government and business, law and finance, university and school - will be secular, where secular is understood to mean neutral. It is taken for granted that the public spheres of life will not be shaped by anyone's philosophy, or religion, by anyone's idea of what life (the good life) should be like.

The great example and proof of this view is science. It is almost universally assumed that the natural sciences prove that there can be, at the very least, areas of knowledge that are independent of religious beliefs and moral values. Hence, we are commonly assured that if scientists tell us that there is no god, that purposeless evolution explains our existence, and that there is no basis for objective morality, then we must accept this as the truth. Clearly these claims strike at the heart of the Christian Gospel and of Christian discipleship in the modern world.

Here we include papers that critique these claims and set forth a more adequate view of science and knowledge.

Science in Faith - book description
Science in Faith - book Addendum


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