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Who Are We

An ordinary Christian family (i.e. disciples and servants of the Lord Jesus Christ) living in Mottram, a village in the Pennine hills, 12 miles east of Manchester.

Arthur Jones BSc, MEd, PhD, CBiol, MIBiol
Arthur was born in Southend, Essex in 1946. Brought up in a Christian home, he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour at an early age. In 1965 he went to Birmingham University. It was the early days of the Charismatic renewal and Christian life was exciting and challenging. Contact with key Christians such as Francis Schaeffer gave him a Christian vision for his studies.
His first degree was in Biology and his PhD was a wide-ranging exploration of biological origins that examined the central role of faith commitments in science. After university Arthur lectured for five years at a Further Education college in Birmingham before his marriage to Hilary and their move to India. Today Arthur is a Research Consultant for Curriculum Development to the Christian Schools' Trust, a tutor and course writer for Sarum College, Salisbury (for Christian distance learning) and a tutor for NorthStar UK (a Christian internet learning community).
He is the author of two books: Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science (CST, 1998) and No Home & Alone: A School Programme on Homelessness (Global Concern, 1999).

Hilary Jones BA(Hons), MEd, NPQH, PGCE
Hilary was born in Liverpool in 1949. After school she went to University in London in 1968, becoming a Christian in 1970. She too was caught up in the Charismatic renewal, and became CU vice-president. After her degree (Geography) and PGCE, she took her first teaching job in Birmingham where she met Arthur in 1975. Those were years of transition for her, giving up her major involvement with the Guides and national hockey and becoming more involved with Operation Mobilisation in the holidays. Today Hilary is Head of Lower School at Trinity School, Stalybridge. She has a wide-ranging background in education, counselling and cross-cultural ministry.

Arthur and Hilary
After their marriage in 1977, they went straight out to India and (later) Nepal, where they taught for ten years in Mussoorie and Gorakhpur (North India) and Pokhara (West Nepal). Their daughter Ellen was born in 1978 and their son Timothy in 1979. After adopting Lizzie (Elizabeth Jyoti, from one of the Gurkha tribes) in Nepal they returned to England in 1987 to complete the adoption here.
They worked for five years in the Asian communities of Bolton as lay workers of the Church of England Manchester Diocese. Arthur ran a multi-cultural Resources Centre, worked in community relations and joined the executive of the Bolton Council for Racial Equality. Hilary worked as a home liaison teacher in multi-ethnic Bolton schools.
We formed rich relationships with several Christian and Muslim Asian families, some of which continue to this day. In 1992 Arthur was appointed Headteacher of Oak Hill School in Bristol where Hilary continued with home-school liaison work. Later she became a class teacher again and eventually a deputy Headteacher.
During the years in Bolton and Bristol she trained as a counsellor and in Bristol worked in her spare time as a counsellor supervisor and trainer. In 1994 the senior section of Oak Hill closed and Arthur spent several years as an office administrator working first in Bristol for a financial services company. In 1998 Hilary was appointed Headteacher of a Church Primary school in Salisbury where they lived until January 2001.
Arthur continued in office administration, now for the MOD near Salisbury. During the Bristol and Salisbury years he also worked for the Christian Schools' Trust developing Christian curriculum. His book for science teachers and the school pack on homelessness were fruits of this work. He also taught on worldviews at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and to groups of Christian professionals. In both London and Bristol Universities he taught certificate science and religion courses as part of the Continuing Education programmes. Two of these courses won Templeton awards.

In January 2001 the family moved to Mottram where they live now. The news from this point can be followed in the newsletter.


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